What is INESPO?

INESPO is an international submission-based competition for environmental solutions from secondary school students. It challenges students, working in teams, to submit projects that use a thoroughly integrated approach to provide solutions that protect and enhance the environment.

INESPO welcomes grassroot initiatives, innovative projects for green transition and wants to offer opportunities to schools, both students AND teachers, to change-makers, rain-makers, ground-breakers: opportunities, whereas others see crisis. They see the possibility to develop project-based education concepts to teach 21st century transdisciplinary environmental skills to their students.


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Meet out ambassadors

Meet our ambassadors

The Netherlands have a major task: one million extra homes, a complete energy transition, keeping cities healthy and accessible, offering farmers a future, and everything while our economy must be more resilient and innovative. The importance of our planet is at stake, and only together we can find new solutions. ….

Ben van Berkel

Founder/Principal Architect UNStudio

In my opinion, it is up to our generation to take responsibility for solving the global climate challenge. That mission also inspired me, and ensured that I use my passion for people and technology to develop and apply technology for a more sustainable, comfortable, and healthy world. We do this by ….

Ferdinand Grapperhaus (jr.)

CEO PHYSEE Technologies

Fortunately, more and more young people are taking the ‘stage’ to make their voices heard when it comes to climate change, biodiversity loss, social inequality and all kinds of other social issues. INESPO creates an opportunity by offering an even bigger stage, so that their voice is heard even better.

Nicolette Loonen

Founder TOSCA