International Environment & Sustainability Project Olympiad.

INESPO, International Environment & Sustainability Project Olympiad, is an international olympiad that was first organized nationally on May 16, 2009. Since 2010, the olympiad has extended to an international level with over 45 different countries participating every year.

INESPO, an initiative of Cosmicus Foundation, has since been transformed into a partnership with Wageningen University & Research and Stichting Technasium.

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Why do we need INESPO?

Global warming is forcing our societies, our economies and our world to change. Our ways of doing business, our careers and our job opportunities need to change too. With this change comes an unprecedented challenge and an opportunity to transform our schools and education.

INESPO welcomes grassroot initiatives, innovative projects for green transition and wants to offer opportunities to schools, both students AND teachers, to change-makers, rain-makers, ground-breakers: opportunities, whereas others see crisis. They see the possibility to develop project-based education concepts to teach 21st century transdisciplinary environmental skills to their students.

INESPO is for schools that have great ideas to protect or restore the environment; they have a vision for a more sustainable future; they have a strong track record of instigating change and are unafraid of failure; they believe in a bright future for our planet.

What are the ambitions of INESPO

Meeting the needs of our global citizenry—ecologically, economically, culturally, spiritually, and more—requires understanding and creative problem solving. INESPO´s ambition is to prepare the next generation of problem-solvers through environmental project-based learning by providing students with authentic, real-life environmental and sustainability issues to tackle.

By teaching students how to think, not what to think, about complex environmental issues, INESPO emphasizes futureproof skills essential for succeeding in tomorrow’s world, such as questioning, investigating, defining problems, analyzing, interpreting, reasoning, developing conclusions, solving problems, cooperative learning with others, critical thinking and discussion, a focus on action strategies with real-world applications, teamwork and communication, research, data collection and analysis, community engagement, and reflection.

INESPO is an international educational competition which is not limited to give out awards. It is engaging, long-term experiences that inspire and motivate students, educators, and entire communities. It provides professional development opportunities for educators, volunteer activities for community or industry members, and real-world connections for the students involved.