Ben van Berkel.

The Netherlands have a major task: one million extra homes, a complete energy transition, keeping cities healthy and accessible, offering farmers a future, and everything while our economy must be more resilient and innovative. The importance of our planet is at stake, and only together we can find new solutions. In my design practice UNStudio, sustainability is top priority in everything we work on; from urban plans and circular buildings to the products we design. I think INESPO is a fantastic platform for bringing together problems and the innovative solutions of a younger generation. We can only solve the sustainability issue together.

Ben van Berkel

(Foto: Els Zweerink)

Ferdinand Grapperhaus (jr)

Ferdinand Grapperhaus (jr.).

My name is Ferdinand Grapperhaus (jr.), and I am CEO and co-founder of PHYSEE Technologies, founded together with Willem Kesteloo in 2014. I am also active as a Technology Pioneer for the World Economic Forum, an advisory board member at SchahlLED GmbH, and founder of the GESTE Summer School in Delft.

In my opinion, it is up to our generation to take responsibility for solving the global climate challenge. That mission also inspired me, and ensured that I use my passion for people and technology to develop and apply technology for a more sustainable, comfortable, and healthy world. We do this by incorporating solar cells, coatings, sensors, and machine learning in various products.

I am not only trying to implement this mission in our business operations and product portfolio, I also believe that we should get a larger part of the next generation to join the movement that will use our planet in a smarter and more sustainable way. That is the reason I founded the GESTE Summer School, an educational project where students from group 7 and 8 are introduced to science, technology, and sustainable energy. This is in line with the objectives of INESPO; to draw attention to environmental problems in schools throughout the Netherlands. The goal of INESPO is to engage students in this important issue, to reach a common consensus on social environmental values, and to ultimately eliminate environmental problems through targeted and broad-based education.

There are still a lot of steps to be taken and we only can reach the goals together, which is why I am a very proud ambassador of INESPO.

Nicolette Loonen.

In daily life, Nicolette Loonen is an entrepreneur and supervisor. Together with three other entrepreneurs she founded TOSCA – Tribe of Sustainability Change Agents. TOSCA advises organizations that want to work more on sustainability. On the one hand because organizations want to align their strategy and business model with their social impact, and on the other hand because they want to be more transparent about their ambitions and progress through their reporting. Nicolette is originally an accountant, and she focuses within TOSCA mainly on sustainability reporting. She is also a supervisor at ABP, the CvTA, the Rutgers Foundation and IPPF. Through these roles she wants to contribute to socially relevant themes such as pension, culture and wellbeing of the youth.

As a mother of four adolescents, Nicolette feels very connected to INESPO’s goals, and did not hesitate when Lydia Rietschoten asked her to become an ambassador for this great initiative. Fortunately, more and more young people are taking the ‘stage’ to make their voices heard when it comes to climate change, biodiversity loss, social inequality and all kinds of other social issues. INESPO creates an opportunity by offering an even bigger stage, so that their voice is heard even better.

Ambassadeur Nicolette Loonen