How to join & Visa requirements.

Date: September

Who can join: Students between 13 and 18 years and their teachers

Registration will open in a few days

Visa Requirements
Jury Information

Participation Fee

  • 5 days accommodation
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Shuttle from and to the airport
  • Local travel, stands and excursion


To keep the Olympiad interesting and not limit the students and teachers to one specific topic, INESPO chooses to define the project in broad terms. Therefore, the participants can work freely within the categories Energy, Environment end Engineering using the following five subjects: chemistry, physics, biology, geography, social/civics.

A project Olympiad means that students first elaborate their innovative ideas and solutions on paper which is then followed by the creation of a concept. This concept can take the form of a mockup, a working miniature design or a collage. In their research paper and a short video, participants must be able to explain and present their project both in theory and in practice. The written and spoken language for the international round is English. The organization does not provide translation for any documents and or visual material.

Environment Energy Engineering
Pollution Bio Energy Bio-engineering
Recycle and Reuse Renewable Energy Thermodynamics
Bioremediation Non-Renewable Energy Chemical engineering
Deforestation Clean Energy Technology Industrial Engineering
Ecosystem Management Energy Conservation Civil Engineering
Land Management Energy Efficiency Material Science