The following are the regulations to which participation must adhere.

  • Registration has to be done by a teacher, supervisor or by the board of the school.

  • Participants must be between 13 and 18 years old, and must be attending a secondary/high school.

  • INESPO will take place digitally. Projects do not have to come to the Netherlands to participate. The judging process will be done in three phases. A pre selection phase, a second phase and a third and final phase.

  • The judges consists of academics of various renowned Dutch universities and members of the private business sector.

  • Every project registration must include the following: Abstract, research paper, poster and video. If a registration does not include one or more of these items, they will not advance to the second phase.

  • The Abstract should not be longer than two pages and should include your project idea, results and conclusion. It should be clear and concise.

  • There is no limit to the number of pages for your research paper, however, your paper should clearly reflect the following items: Abstract, introduction, project idea/concept, research method, results and conclusion. The abstract should also be submitted as a separate document.

  • The video should not be longer than 10 minutes. In this video your team has to explain the project concept as well as possible including the research method, results and your conclusion. Make sure you speak clearly and comprehensible, so that your message is brought over accurately. You can upload your video using a YouTube account and setting the video to private. The link should then be filled in upon registration of your project. For further presentation criteria click here.

  • The poster has to be a jpg or pdf file, and has to contain the above mentioned criteria. For further poster criteria click here.

  • INESPO results will be published on our website by June 1. The 10 gold medal winners will be invited to the Netherlands in September to take part in the INESPO program which will consist of different cultural and educational excursions. All other medal winning projects will receive a certificate corresponding to their achievement.

  • This year there will be a € 15 Euros registration fee due at the time of registration. For the wining projects who are invited to come to the Netherlands there will be a participation fee of € 499 Euros per person. This fee will cover accommodations, food, all excursions and local transportation. This will not cover your flights/transfers to and from the Netherlands. Winning projects can bring extra supervisors or participants. The fee for extra participants and/or supervisors is € 699 Euros per person. All gold medal winning projects are expected to attend the INESPO program in the Netherlands in September.

  • Every phase of the project must be conducted in accordance with the rules of the International Scientific Regulations, for which the owners of the projects are solely responsible together with their teacher or supervisor.